Deirdre Smith Gilmer

Monday12:15-1:45pLevel 1/2 Asheville Yoga Centermap
Monday5:30-7:00pLevel 1/2 West Asheville Yogamap
Wedsday12:15-1:45pLevel 1/2 Asheville Yoga Centermap
Thursday10:45-12:15Level 3 West Asheville Yogamap

Beginner This level is appropriate for students without any prior yoga experience.

Level 1: This level is appropriate for students with minimal yoga experience, but with an open mind!

Level 2: This level is appropriate for students who have some general yoga experience or are in good physical condition.

Level 3: This class is designed as a workshop style practice with emphasis on physical alignment, as well as, a deeper philosophical dialogue between teacher and student. Students attending this level are incorporating subtle directions with a focus on refining their practices.

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